The Last Mile

Connecting workers to places of employment

March 2017


Video Summary

Our latest research suggests that flexible forms of transit service — and perhaps new strategies linked to partnerships with ride-hailing companies like Lyft and Uber — could help address the region’s elusive “last mile” problem, which can arise when fixed-route transit services stop short of bringing commuters all the way to their job sites. The report analyzes a range of options being used in other metro areas across the country and gauges their potential to reduce transportation barriers for City of Milwaukee residents seeking employment opportunities throughout the region.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Build on recent efforts to improve transportation connections in the Milwaukee area through shared-ride taxi services and bicycle services and amenities.
  • Develop and implement an official MCTS mobile application with robust capabilities.
  • Pilot a flexible transit and/or on-demand transportation service in metro Milwaukee.
  • Consider how benefits provided by innovative last mile strategies can extend to broader populations of transit users.
  • Cultivate intergovernmental collaboration and private sector involvement to address last mile challenges in lower-density areas of metro Milwaukee.