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Assessing the teacher pipeline in Metro Milwaukee

Teachers are an indispensable part of the education system. They lead classrooms across our region and serve as the front-line educators for our children. The ability to run a school is predicated on having a steady supply of teachers. Does Greater Milwaukee have a steady supply of teachers or does...Read More


A portrait of Metro Milwaukee’s school leaders

Much has been written about the importance of teachers and their efforts to educate children. While teachers are responsible for the students in their classrooms, school leaders are responsible for all the students in the school or district. They help motivate both students and teachers to attain success. These individuals...Read More


Who are Metro Milwaukee’s teachers?

In these final days of summer, teachers from across the region are heading back to school ahead of students. As they attend faculty meetings, decorate classrooms, and brush off textbooks, teachers are laying the foundation for the upcoming year. These individuals have an essential role in educating our students. And...Read More