Wisconsin Community Schools

Wisconsin Community Schools as of 2021-22

District  School Name 
Appleton Area School District  Dunlap Elementary Community School

Jefferson Elementary Community School 

Green Bay Area Public Schools Aldo Leopold Community School

Howe Elementary Community School 

Madison Metropolitan School District Hawthorne Elementary School*

Lake View Elementary School*

Leopold Elementary School*

Mendota Elementary School*

Milwaukee Public Schools Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School 

Auer Avenue Elementary School*

Bradley Technology and Trade High School*

Browning Elementary School*

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School 

Grantosa Drive Elementary School 

Hopkins Lloyd Community School*

H.W. Longfellow Elementary School* 

James Madison Academic Campus*

Lincoln Avenue Elementary School* 

North Division School* 

South Division School* 

Washington High School (WHS) of Information Technology*

Westside Academy Community School* 

Zablocki Elementary School*

Oshkosh Area School District  Oshkosh North High School 
Racine Unified School District Julian Thomas Elementary School* 

Knapp Elementary School*

Mitchell K-8 Community School

School District of La Crosse Hamilton Elementary School 

Northside Elementary School

Sun Prairie Area School District CH Bird Elementary School*

Northside Elementary School

Patrick Marsh Middle School*

Prairie Phoenix Academy* 

Westside Elementary School*

* Schools analyzed during the pandemic in this report that
employed the community schools model beginning in 2019 or previously