Major Provisions of Recent Medical Marijuana Proposals in Wisconsin

Table 2: Major Provisions of Recent Medical Marijuana Proposals in Wisconsin
Policy Evers Budget Proposal Erpenbach-Testin-Taylor Proposal
Qualifying conditions/doctor recommendation Cancer; glaucoma; HIV/AIDS; Crohn’s disease; Hepatitis C; Alzheimer’s; ALS; nail-patella syndrome; Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; PTSD; opioid treatment, reduction, or abatement; cachexia; severe pain; severe nausea; seizures; severe and persistent muscle spasms Same as Evers proposal
DHS ability to add qualifying conditions Yes Yes
Production-side fees Application = min. $250, Annual = min. $5,000. Departmental discretion to adjust fee goes to DATCP Application = $250, Annual = $5,000
User fees Registration fee = min. $100. Primary caregiver fee = min. $250. Registration fee = max. $150. Reduced to $50 for veterans and those who are a part of other social safety net programs
Taxes 10% dispensary surcharge plus regular state and local sales taxes Regular state and local sales taxes
Agencies involved DHS, DATCP Same as Evers proposal
Creation of registry Yes Yes
Limit on number of dispensaries No No. One license can only be used to operate maximum two dispensary locations.
Municipal control “No village, town, city, or county may enact or enforce an ordinance or a resolution that prohibits cultivating tetrahydrocannabinols or cannabis” by a dispensary, individuals growing plants, or another cultivator No mention
Revenue earmarks None mentioned None mentioned
Home growing Up to 12 plants Up to 12 plants