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Forum Friday: Shifting marijuana policies in neighbor states and what’s next in Wisconsin

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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What is Forum Friday? In this webinar format, we discuss a timely research topic and invite notable guests and Forum members to join the conversation. While this virtual event series doesn't replace our in-person events, we hope this can be a way to keep you informed and connected on our state's most pressing public policy issues.

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Sparking Change? Shifting marijuana policies in neighbor states and what’s next in Wisconsin

Virtual event | March 31, 2023 | 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Join us Friday, March 31, for our virtual event series, Forum Friday. As surrounding states have moved to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, Wisconsin thus far has maintained the status quo. Yet what has happened in neighboring states extends beyond their borders, as half of all Wisconsinites of legal age now can drive 75 minutes or less to buy legal recreational marijuana.

Gov. Tony Evers is once again proposing marijuana legalization in his plan for the next state budget. While Republican lawmakers won’t embrace such a plan, some have indicated a medical marijuana bill might be acceptable.

Our Forum Friday guests include two of the Wisconsin Legislature’s leading voices on marijuana policy, and they’ll discuss what may be in store during the 2023-24 legislative session. Dr. David Galbis-Reig will be speaking as a physician and addiction specialist and on behalf of the Wisconsin Medical Society.


Mary Felzkowski
Wisconsin State Senator

Melissa Agard
Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader

David Galbis-Reig, MD
Addiction Medicine
Ascension Medical Group

As always, we’ll conclude with a Q&A session for registered participants. Registration is free, but required for this event.