Wisconsin Government Framework

The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government
19th Edition Textbook

The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government is the only textbook that specifically teaches Wisconsin state and local government. Now in its 19th edition, the Framework has been the go-to text for more than 60 years for high school and college teachers, civic groups, and anyone who wants to learn more about how state and local government operate.

The Framework is highly popular as a supplemental text in high schools to help teachers comply with the Model Academic Standards for civics set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The new section on Native American tribal governments can also help meet Act 31 curriculum requirements.

The Framework contains facts and figures from the 2015-17 state budget and 2016 elections, charts, graphs, and anecdotal and historical information that makes civics education interesting and timely for readers of all ages.

To help classroom teachers, we also has digital resources available for separate purchase: a digital version of the Framework for easy class instruction; plus the digital Teacher Toolkit with full-color PowerPoint lectures; student worksheets, quizzes, extended readings, constructivist activities, and links to other on-line resources.

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