Focus #4


Wisconsin’s Teacher Workforce: Trends in Supply and Turnover

Staffing figures from the Department of Public Instruction show a spike in the number of teachers leaving the workforce following 2011 Act 10. In recent years, that number has returned to “normal” and districts have been able to replace those...Read More
Focus #3


Spring Elections in Wisconsin

Turnout for Wisconsin’s nonpartisan spring elections tends to be about half that for fall partisan races. The drop-off may be due in part to a lack of competitive races for county, city, village, town, and school board offices. However, this...Read More
Focus #2


School Finance: Here vs. Elsewhere

A recently announced legislative task force will spend 2018 studying Wisconsin’s school funding formula, which has not undergone major change for about 25 years. The committee will explore issues of both equity and adequacy, areas where Wisconsin typically outperforms other...Read More
Focus #1


Welcome to the Wisconsin Policy Forum

The merger of Wisconsin’s two oldest and most-respected nonpartisan policy research groups creates a new organization with broader research capabilities and an enhanced communications platform. The mission, however, remains the same: to provide expert, nonpartisan policy analysis that informs Wisconsin...Read More