Focus #8


Reroute for Transit

The governor’s budget would increase state spending on public transit after years of flat funding. His bill would be helpful for Milwaukee County, which has struggled for years to maintain existing transit services and to replace aging buses. The proposals...Read More
Focus #7


Voters Approve More School Spending, But Some Referenda Fail

In recent years, Wisconsin voters have approved school district spending referenda in record numbers. Results for this spring’s vote still show support for many of these proposals—particularly for operating expenses—but some big-ticket items were rejected. The outcome of this year’s...Read More
Focus #6


Another Alarming Achievement Gap

Measures of academic achievement for English Learners (ELs) in Wisconsin are far below those of their English-proficient peers. Only 17% of ELs in third grade can read proficiently, while just 4% of EL eighth graders are proficient in math. What...Read More
Focus #5


Gov. Evers’ Budget: A First Look

In his first budget bill, Gov. Tony Evers is seeking to increase expenditures out of the state’s main fund by $2.7 billion over two years, prioritizing spending on K-12 education, health care for the needy, prisons, and the University of...Read More
Focus #4


Understanding the State Budget Process

The state budget is usually the most important piece of legislation passed in every legislative session, but it has a timetable and terminology that can be confusing. To help demystify the process, we offer the following overview and a glossary...Read More
Focus #3


State Budget Picture Brightens but Concerns Remain

The state of Wisconsin ended last year with a positive cash balance in its main fund but also a big qualifier. Every year the state makes financial commitments that it does not pay until future years, which add up to...Read More
Focus #2


Divided Government Returns to Wisconsin

A decade has passed since the last time power was held by both parties in the state Capitol. With the election of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican majorities in both houses of the Legislature, sharing control of state government...Read More
Focus #1


New Year Brings New Research from WPF

As we look ahead to our second year as the Wisconsin Policy Forum, our research offerings will include comprehensive, nonpartisan analysis of the 2019-21 state budget; an in-depth examination of the state-local fiscal relationship; a report on Milwaukee’s Hispanic workforce;...Read More
Focus #26


Forum Unveils Top Five Research Findings of 2018

Reflecting on a year’s worth of policy briefs, reports, and digital research products, the Forum has selected its top five research findings of 2018. The list includes items involving state fiscal and justice system policies, Milwaukee County infrastructure, Milwaukee charter...Read More